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The First Sat Nav Designed Specifically For Caravan and Motor Homes



Snooper Boxed Stacked

Snooper Has the Product Dedicated To Your Needs
Techology is such that everything is multi functional these days. We have split the Snooper Range into products that focus on specific requirements, while still offering the award winning Aura speed camera database that is at the heart of our Snooper GPS systems.

Speed Camera Detection & Laser Detectors:- When you don't need the hassle or cost of Sat Nav and just need something neat and functional that does the best job possible of protecting your driving licence. A bespoke product always does the job it is designed for better than a multi-functional gadget.

Syrius Satellite Navigation:- All Snooper sat nav systems also offer the award winning Aura speed camera detection both when using the navigation feature or when just driving roads your more familiar with.

Ventura Pro Satellite Navigation:- For motorhomes and caravans then these are the products for you helping you navigate based on the height, weight and length restrictions to a database of over 20,000 ACSI, Bord Atlas and CamperStop sites across 31 countries in Europe and Western Russia.

Truckmate Pro Satellite Navigation:- If you drive an HGV or similar then these are the products for you helping you navigate based on the size, weight and restrictions relevant to your vehicle and providing data on bridge height and weight restrictions on the road ahead, including speed camera alerts.

Leisure Devices:- If you need to track people or assets then Snoopers WPT250 is a simple yet effective tracking device to secure anything from lawnmovers to trailers.